Never Ending Story

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Korean Movies
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Never Ending Story <네버엔딩스토리 / Ne-beu-en-ding-seu-to-ri> is a 2012 Korean melodrama, romantic comedy movie which stars Uhm Tae Woong, Jung Ryu Won, Park Ki Woong.


Dong-Joo <Uhm Tae Woong> is a quiet guy and a romanticist. Throughout his whole life he hasn’t worked very much. Dong-Joo lives with his younger sibling <Park Ki Woong> and only plan seems to win the lottery. One day, Dong-Joo is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Song-Kyung <Jung Ryu Won> is a 28-year-old bank teller. She meticulously has a plan for everything. One day, she is suddenly she is diagnosed with a terminal illness. After that, Song-Kyung makes changes in her plans and prepares for her own funeral.

Dong-Joo then meets Song-Kyung who seems to be a polar opposite from him. Dong-Joo starts to plan out the rest of his life. Song-Kyung takes Dong-Joo out on a date.


This movie is too cute.! You won’t even feel that the two main leads are going to die.. Haha. It’s a lighter role for Uhm Tae Woong, doing those serious roles in Architecture 101 <not so> and Equator Man.. You will see dance and serenade his girl.. I haven’t seen him in 1N2D yet, so.. 😉

Jung Ryu Won has this “all-mighty” role.. Remember 2 Faces of My Girlfriend and History of The Salary Man? She’s the bossy type and this movie is not an exception.. 🙂

All in all, this movie will have you laughing one moment only to cry the next.. It is thoroughly enjoyable..





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