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Ghost <유령 / Yoo Ryung>, also known as Phantom, is a 2012 Korean crime, action, investigation drama with 20 episodes which stars, So Ji SubLee Yeon Hee, Uhm Ki JoonChoi Daniel, and Kwak Do Won.


A drama based on a cyber investigation squad. Kim Woo-Hyun is the only son of a high ranking police officer. Woo-Hyun entered the police academy ranked first and graduated from the academy ranked first. As a detective, he then joins the cyber investigation department. Woo-Hyun then works to reveal the secrets of those that hide within the cyber world.


I freakin love this drama.. Not to exaggerate, but this is waaayyy too good.! 🙂 It had me on the edge the whole time.! You won’t even mind that this drama doesn’t have a romance, at all.

Though many was disappointed that So Ji Sub didn’t really portray Park Ki Young’s character.. It was Kim Woo Young all the way.. Yeah, it would be more enjoyable if we ever see the gullible part of So Ji Sub.. Haha. And he’s been doing serious roles in most of his dramas and movies.! I wanna see him in a more light roles..

As For Lee Yeon Hee.. Many are complaining that she can’t act, but I love her.. I’ve seen all of her dramas and movies and I’ve no complaints at all.. 🙂 I think she can do her part really well..

I love the twists that came about.. 🙂






[Kyuhyun] Gwi giullyeobwayo deulliji annnayo jageun soksagim
Geudae deullineun eodideun geugose hamkke isseulgeyo

[Ryeowook] Meolli itdaedo geudael bureuneun barami itjyo
Uriman aneun seollemi paran haneul kkeute dahaseo

[Yesung] Nae gyeote isseo jwoyo nae soneul jabayo
Jageun soksagimi malhaejun barami jeonhaneun mal deureumyeo

[Kyuhyun] Haneullo nara oreumyeon doeyo
Modu ijeul su itjyo geu sunganmaneun
Modeun ge da gateun haneulsaekppun iraseo
[Ryeowook] Nunmuldo heuteojyeoyo barami da gajyeogajwoyo
Geu sunganmaneun geudaewa nan kkok hamkkehal su isseo

[Yesung] Meolli isseodo geudael bureuneun barami itjyo
Uriman aneun seollemi paran haneul kkeute dahaseo

[Ryeowook] Duryeowo sumji mayo nae soneul jabayo
Jageun soksagimi malhaejun barami jeonhaneun mal deureumyeo

[Yesung] Haneullo nara oreumyeon doeyo
Modu ijeul su itjyo geu sunganmaneun
Modeun ge da gateun haneulsaekppun iraseo
[Kyuhyun] Nunmuldo heuteojyeoyo barami da gajyeogajwoyo
Geu sunganmaneun geudaewa nan kkok hamkkehal su isseo

[Yesung] Na eotteongayo pyeonhae boinayo
Eonjerado deo nopi narayo gureumcheoreom

[Ryeowook] Modeun ge da gateun haneulsaekppun iraseo
Nunmuldo heuteojyeoyo [Kyuhyun] barami da gajyeogajwoyo
Geu sunganmaneun geudaewa nan kkok hamkkehal su itjyo

English Translation:

Tune your ears in – can’t you hear the small whisper?
Wherever you hear it, I will be with you

Even if you’re far away, the wind calls you
This heart rush that only we know touches the end of the blue sky

Stay by my side, hold my hand
As you listen to the small whispers and what the wind says

We just need to fly to the sky
We can forget everything just for that moment
Because everything is the same color as the sky
Tears scatter and the wind takes it all away
Just for that moment, you and I can be together for sure

Even if you’re far away, the wind calls you
This heart rush that only we know touches the end of the blue sky

Don’t be afraid, don’t hide – hold my hand
As you listen to the small whispers and what the wind says

We just need to fly to the sky
We can forget everything just for that moment
Because everything is the same color as the sky
Tears scatter and the wind takes it all away
Just for that moment, you and I can be together for sure

How do I look? Do I seem at peace?
Whenever you want, fly higher like the clouds

Because everything is the same color as the sky
Tears scatter and the wind takes it all away
Just for that moment, you and I can be together for sure

-Credits to kpoplyrics 🙂

~Aside from being biased, I simply love this song.. Haha. 😉 It’s a light, feel-good song..

I have only seen the first 2 episodes of  the drama and I can’t wait to finally see all episodes…!!!! I wanna watch how Lee Hyun woo acts as a “gay-guy”.. Haha. 😉

Both Tdrama and Jdorama had a very opposite ending.. I wonder how they will end this one.. ^^

Super Junior KRY + To The Beautiful You = ❤

The Greatest Love – Topping my most fave drama for 2011 is this hilarious rom-com series which stars Cha Seung won and Kong Hyo jin.. I must say I’m a KHJ biased.. Haha. Uber biased.! (Pasta is my fave KHJ drama) The story of The Greatest Love is not that extraordinary.. Just a common romantic comedy story;  where the lead gurl is being bashed, looks pitty, love triangle and all. May be it’s just the way the actors did their part. Imagine a 6-footer serious-looking, goatee, top actor in South Korea doing a pick-a-boo..!!! What do you get? *ding dong* Dokko Jin..!!! Haha. I love Cha Seung won in City Hall and loathe him in Athena.. Here? I freakin adore him.. Reminds me of Hyukjae.. Dunno why.. There’s nothing really special in this drama – but still amazing.. Hong sisters really are geniuses, giving us dramas that we will surely love for the rest of our lives..

2. Can You Hear My Heart – I liked Hwang Jung eum in High Kick and loved her on Giant.. The plot of this drama is more of a realistic one, because they keep Kim Rae won deaf until the end and it is freakin nicely done. I would have not liked it if they made him hear all of a sudden.. Haha. I also learned how to do the sign language of ‘Joheun Saram’ song. Pretty amusing.. Watch it and you just might see Hyun Bin – not.! Haha. Well, ish.. 😉

3. Scent of A Woman – My kind of drama – where the gurl dies at the end. Yea, I would like to think that Yoon jae did really die.. Haha. Kim Sun ah lost a lot of weight!? Watch MNIKSS and When It’s At Night then compare.. My first time seeing KSA doing a ‘pity’ role.. Cuz I’m used in seeing her being a fighter.. And just like Kim Rae won, I think it’s Lee Dong wook’s come back drama after being discharged from the army.. And it’s a success, I must say.!  Although he looks haggard and slim, still handsome.. Haha.  Professor Kang.! Haha. Great to see you here..  He looks exactly the same in Hero.. A snobbish man.! ;D And oh, Junsu.. I don’t really like him, but I re-watched his cameo scene a few times.. He seems so sweet.. Hihi. ;D Plus he sang the lovely song beautifully.. ^^ I’m thinking, what if that role went to any Super Junior member: may be his best bud Hyukjae.. 😉

In random order:

CITY HUNTER – Is this really the most expensive Korean drama ever? Lee Min ho and Park Min young  used to date? Or are they still? Haha. They suit very well..  It’s one of those action dramas that I really enjoyed.. And I thought it’s going to be just like Fugitive Plan B.. Thank God it’s not. I enjoyed it very much.! A must-watch. 🙂

49 DAYS – First time that I’ve seen Bae Soo bin doing an evil role. He’s really a freakin bad guy.! Haha. It has some twists that you will surely enjoy. The only thing I didn’t see coming is the fact that they are sisters.. Really? Haha. Nasaan ang lukso ng dugo sa una pa lang? Haha. I dunno, but Lee Ye won reminds me of Park Shin hye.. 🙂

LIE TO ME – I was really engrossed watching it. I love how YEH gets into a lot of trouble and eventually fell in love.. But when I reached to the last few episodes, I kind of lost the interest in it.. I dunno why.. But I still managed to watched it until the end. I’m kind of unsatisfied, though.. Still good. 🙂

GOLDEN BRIDE – Heenim..!!! A drama from a few years bck. This is the drama that I watched ‘hem by hem’ and didn’t use the fast forward button. Every scene in  every  single episode is really worth watching.. To think that it has 60.! Song Chang ui and Lee Yeong ah is not a good pair, but they still managed to carry their roles beautifully. Our Spce Big Star, Cinderella Kim Heechul’s role is soooo him.! Haha. An easy-go-lucky, rich, party animal brat that loves gurls. Everybody has their own moments, even the secondary characters.. You will burst into tears, die with laughter, get angry and fall in love in this one.. One of the best.! 😀

WISH UPON A STAR – I love how Pal gang did her all just to give her illegitimate brothers and sisters a decent home..

PROTECT THE BOSS – Jisung is back.! Now, on a lighter role.. Watch and enjoy his craziness.. Haha. Jaejoong’s here.. Eh.

PARADISE RANCH – Another drama that is just so-so.. I just watched it because of Lee Yeon hee.. And the guy in Giant, haha. The whole drama was shot in Jeju-do. You will eventually enjoy the drama and it’s quite good. I fell in love with Changmin. Why didn’t SM gave the role to Kyuhyun? Haha. That would be freakin awesome.! Sooyoung will just popped out of the scene.

IT’S OKAY, DADDY’S DAUGHTER – Watched it because of Donghae.. Haha. Didn’t  really understand the story.. Moon Chae won was crying all the time.. :/

PRESIDENT – Watched it because of Sungmin.. Haha.! Man, this pumpkin can cry.. And Jay <Trax> can act.. Didn’t expect that I will enjoy this one.. Ming should do his own drama someday.. 🙂

ATHENA – Watched it because of Siwon.. Man.. Why am I so biased?! Haha. Out of the 3 Suju dramas, I enjoyed this more.. It’s really action packed that you will be glued to watch until the last episode. Jung Woo sung never fails to make my heart melt.. 🙂

GIANT – Another freakin looong drama that I gave my full attention to. It’s a period drama. How I wished Kim Soo hyun stayed until the very last episode. “Hyuuuuuunngg..!!!!”, said Lee Bumsoo.. 😛

MISS RIPLEY – Taken from real life, it’s dark drama that I didn’t enjoy.. I used to love Micky when he was a part of DBSK.. I like him now as an actor.. Watch the whole drama, but it didn’t really get my interest.

HEARTSTRINGS – Why is it too short?! Whhhhyyy?! They could’ve made it 16 episodes, at least.. I really enjoyed this one.. I like the chemistry between Yong Jung hwa and Park Shin hye < though I also like Jang Geunsuk and Park Shinhye loveteam >. A very light story, less music to become a real musical drama, my opinion.. But the story is worth watching.. It’s like you will crave for more. And you will be aware that there’s a member of CN Blue named Kang Min hyuk that is cute.! Haha. Sweet singing voice he has.. 🙂  He kind of looks like Kim Hye-seong. Brillliant soundtrack.. 🙂

MY PRINCESS – Song Seung hoon in a comedy role.. The last time I saw him doing that was way back in He Was Cool. Just check out my blog for the review..

DREAM HIGH – This is the real musical series.. And this is where most gurls fell in love with Kim Soo hyun.. Haha. (I fell in love with KSH when he spoke English in Will It Snow on Christmas) Sam dong-ah…!!!! His accent is a killer.! Haha.  Plus his singing voice.. Ugh. Who knows he sings that well?! It runs in the family, I guess, since his father is an 80’s rockstar.. I love that Sam Dong and Hye mi ended up together. Majority of us thought it is going to be Kuk and Hye mi, but no. Thank goodness for that. So this is where I kind of fell in love with Wooyoung.. Haha. I really liked his character.. He and IU looked good together.. Soundtrack is great, all their voice is freakin good.! It is truly enjoyable.. And I had watched it 4 times, I think.. 😀

THE PRINCESS’ MAN – Yea, I am soooooo in love with Park Shi hoo.. Haha. Another historical drama for him, the last I think is Iljimae.. And Moon Chae won, as well (Painters inthe Wind with MGY). The government in the past was really freakin cruel, eh.  Tsk. It is a common story: father of the gurl did something bad to the father of the guy, guy will revenge and he will use the gurl to accomplish that, setting aside whatever feelings he has, gurl is so willing to be used for the sake of the man he loves.. Still, worth watching.. I wanna see Moon Chae won in a rom-com series.. I always see her in gloomy roles.. Haha. Park Shi hoo looks like Hyukjae.. Always hyuk. 😛

SIGN – Didn’t expect Prof. Ji hoo to kill himself just to have the evidence.. And yep, it is freakin good.! I kind of miss Kim Ah joong acting, last time I saw her was That Fool. In here, she kind of plays a detective wanna be.. Then she was paired with a forensic doctor, played by a brilliant actor, Park Ahin Yang.. And together, they solved murder cases. It is a psycho-thriller drama that is a must watch.. No love story between the lead stars, but Jung Kyu won and Uhm Ji won filled it. 😉

THE DUO –  I’ve been reading A LOT of good reviews for this drama, but  when I watch it, I can’t see any sign that it is that good. Haha. Or am I too bored to watch it.. I dunno. It is a must-watch for me, since Han Ji hye is the lead gurl.. Or may be because it is a historical drama that it didn’t get my attention right away.. But I eventually finished it.. For me, it is good but not that good that everyone says.. Or I just didn’t pay enough attention to it.. Haha.

ROMANCE TOWN – This drama disappoints me.. It is not that good.! I thought it’ll be a hit since Song Yu ri is here. Fail. Though, thank you Alex Chu for a great song.. 🙂

DONG YI – Another loooong historical drama. It has a really good plot, but there are times that I don’t feel like watching it. I get to finish it in 3 months, I guess.. Haha. Compared to Golden Bride and Giant, this took me so long. I’m thinking this is where Bae Soo bin and Han Hyo jo developed.. Haha. Oh well, Ji Jin hee perfectly fits as the King. Seeing him a cold-hearted man in The Man Who Can’t Get Married in 2009, this kinda reminds me of that character.. Always walking with chin up high.!

SECRET GARDEN – Need I say more? 😀

MARY STAYED OUT ALL NIGHT – Moon Geun young’s acting is superb, no doubt about that. But the story is :/.. Haha. No offense to the fans. You know how much I love MGY.. May be because we expected too much since 2 of the biggest stars, Asia’s Prince Jang Geun Seuk and Korea’s Little Sister Moon Geun young, are the main leads.. It’s still good, though.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN SAENGCHORI – There came a time that I’m sooo bored that I didn’t know what drama to watch – until I came across to this.. I first saw Ha Seok jun and Lee Young eun together in the movie Summer Whisper.. I thought it’s going to be a rom-com, until I watched it further.. Never did I expect that I will so enjoyed this.! I find it really amusing. It’s freakin great.! Some twists that you won’t expect, you will not get up in your seat.! Kim Tak gu’s here.! Doing the Kim Joo won  sit-up scene.. Haha. I feel sorry for this one because it is sooo good that it didn’t get enough attention.. So underrated.. It could’ve been number one in primetime in SK.! Haha. I freakin love it..

WHITE CHRISTMAS – A short, suspense-thriller drama.. I think it’s a KBS Drama Special series thingy.. It is so short that you will crave for a few more episodes.. It is kind of predictable, but good, still.

GOD’S QUIZ –  Another short thriller series. Love the mystery file cases that they solved each time.. Episodes are seriously too short.! It’s like they rushed every episode or something.. I was like, “Huh? They knew how the person died already? They caught the killer? Already?? That fast?!” Haha. Ryu Deok Hwan reminds me of Cho Seung woo.. Soo much. And glad that they will play twins in Peach Tree..!!! Directed by Goo Hye sun.. Okay, back to GD, haha. I haven’t seen the 2nd season yet.. I’m looking forward to it.

DAEMUL – Kwon Sang woo in his cool, happy go lucky role.. Love it.! As I was watching, Ko Hyeon jung really reminds me of MGY.. I was thinking, this is how MGY will look like when she’s in her 40s.. Haha.  Though she’s not as good looking as the her.. Good drama.

I NEED ROMANCE –  I agree when they say that it’s like the Korean Sex and The City.. KJH really reminds me of  Donghae..

BABY-FACED BEAUTY – Enjoyed it.. But they kind of rushed the ending even though it has 20 episodes.. Really liking Daniel Choi.. Jang Nara looks cute..

SPY MYUNG WOL – I like Han Ye seul, but after the controversies about her, I was thinking, she’s not really a good person.. But I still like her.. Haha. Though I feel sorry for Erick because this is his comeback project after being dismissed in the army.. This will make or break his career.. The plot was good.. Though I was hoping that one of the leads will die.. Haha. Hope this drama leaves a good impression to Erick’s fans..

BAD HOUSEWIFE –  Son Chang Min reminds me of Jackie Chan and Lee Sun gyun.. Haha. Very realistic drama.. Enjoyed it.. 🙂

ENDLESS LOVE – Congrats to Pan Wei Bo for winning the Best Actor in the Golden Bell Awards.. I thought it’s going to be the Tdrama version of the Kdrama Endless Love.. Good thing it is not.. At first, I was off because of the leads (Wilber and Sandrinne). But they acted really well. I love the plot.. For me, it is a must watch.

DRUNKEN TO LOVE YOU – Spin off of Fated To Love You.. Though it didn’t made a “noise” during it’s airing, still good. Rainie looks good with the short hair.

SUNSHINE ANGEL – Wu Chuuuunnn…!!!! Love him. And oh, Rainie again.. 😉

SUNNY HAPPINESS – My most fave Taiwanese actor – Mike He. With my fave actress Janine Chang.! It’s kinda like Maid in Manhattan.. I love it.!

LOVE KEEPS GOING – Mike and Cyndi.. It’s really good.. Though some didn’t like how it ends.. Haha.

~That’s it for now.. ^^

49 Days is a fantasy-romance 2011 Korean drama starring Lee Yo won, Nam Gyu ri, Jo Hyun jae, Bae Soo bin, Jung Il woo, Seo Ji hye, and Bae Geu rin.. It has 20 episodes.

Shin Ji Hyun was enjoying absolute bliss as she was about to marry her fiancé, Kang Min Ho, but her perfect life is shattered when she gets into a car accident that leaves her in a coma. She is given a second chance at life by a reaper, but it comes with a condition: she has to find three people outside of her family who would cry genuine tears for her. In order to do this, she borrows the body of Yi Kyung, a part-time employee at a convenience store for 49 days. -Dramawiki

I love it.!
This drama has an awesome twists.. Though many are complaining why Shin Ji hyun ended up REALLY dying.. Haha. And Song Yi kyung as her long, lost sister? That, I didn’t see coming..
I love Bae Soo bin .. I’ve watched almost all of his dramas and movies.. Aside from his movie roles, this is the first time I’ve seen him being the bad guy.. I still love him, though.. Hehe.
This is just the third time I’ve seen Jo Hyun jae in a drama.. He kind of looks old..
He looks older than Bae Soo bin.! Lol. He’s just 31 then Soo bin Oppa is already 35.. As the drama progresses, I was kind of confused if he’s really in love with Song Yi kyung as Shin Ji hyun or vice-versa or Yi kyung as herself.. Now, I’m lost.. Haha. Oh well.. 😉
And here comes The Scheduler .. Man. He’s more of an adventurer.. Haha. He is a carefree young man who guides the dead to the after life.. Jung Il woo nailed the role of the Scheduler.. He’s haawwwttt…!!! And when he sings?! Darn. ;D I’m loving him more and more.. 😉 Everytime Scheduler appears, he’s giving some “sunshine” to the drama.. Watch it, if you wanna know what I mean.. 😉

For me, Scheduler, Yi kyung and Ji hyun give delight to the entire drama.. I love it when he talks to the 2 ladies.! Separately. 🙂 They make me smile a lot.! ;D

I guess, Ji hyun dying is just perfect to end this drama.. Though if you may think, it’s kinda cruel.. What’s the point of giving her 49 days if she’ll end up dying after 6 days of her, waking up?
Just what like Ji hyun said, if it’s not for that 49 days, she won’t realize who her true friends are, she won’t save her father’s company, she won’t know who really loves her..
In my opinion, it’s more like of the other side of the story..

Ji hyun died.. Song Yi soo got to meet Song Yi kyung for the last time.. Yi kyung met her lost parents.. Kang loves Ji hyuun until the end..

It’s a must watch.! It’s not really a sad ending..
Though I’m hoping that Kang and Yi kyung would ended up together.. Hehe. 😉

One of the best dramas this year.!

And oh, we should thank Dr, No Kyung bin for saving Yi kyung.! ^^

Let’s live our life, as if it’s our last 49 days..!!! 🙂

Shin Ji hyun and Song Yi kyung

49 Days

Mischievous Kiss also known as Playful Kiss / Naughty Kiss is a 2010 Korean drama which is a re-make of the Japanese and Taiwanese drama Itazura na Kiss and It Started with a Kiss, which is based off the comic series “Itazurana Kiss.” Filled with episodes that reflect Korea’s sentiments and has a stable storyline. It stars Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Tae Sung and Lee Si Young with 16 episodes.

Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy student who falls for the perfectionist, Baek Seung Jo. However, Seung Jo is indifferent towards her and rejects her love. When Ha Ni’s house collapses, she and her father moves into his long-time friend’s house. It turns out that Seung Jo is the friend’s son and Ha Ni is given the opportunity to be near the guy she loves. Will she be able to move Seung Jo’s heart? -Dramawiki

You can’t help but compare this drama to ISWAK, for obvious reason.. 🙂 I first saw Jung So min in the drama Bad Guy.. I hated her there.! So I have no plans in watching this.. But as the clips of Super Junior “appearing” in episode 2, that changes it all.. Haha. ;D So min is so classy, smart, fashionable in her drama Bad Guy, so I’m kind of having a hard time picturing her as the innocent gurl. May be they could’ve chosen another lead gurl.. Compared to Ariel Lin.. Oh well, Ariel is like a pro.! And So min is a newbie who’s doing a great job.. 🙂

The Baek Seung Jo role suits Kim Hyun joong really well.. He really is a snob.! He did justice to the role of being a cold-hearted jerk.. Haha. 😉

And Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu is awesomeness..!!! He and Jiro kind of look a like, eh? Haha. Love it.

I’ve just notice, Kdramas tend to shorten their own adaptation.. For instance in Boys Before Flowers, the ring thingy scene was supposedly be seen in the part 2, as can be seen on Tdrama’s Meteor Garden 2.. In here, Joon gu has his own restaurant and Chris appearing.. Isn’t that on They Kiss Again.. With both countries doing their own takes, you can’t help but really compare.. That makes us viewers wanting more.. My opinion.. 🙂

All in all, I enjoyed it.! Acting’s great and I love G.NA’s song.. Hehe. 🙂 I have no regrets watching it.. 🙂

Oh, and those bears every ending really reminds me of Goong .. 😉

Dream High is a 2011 school, drama, comedy, romance, music Korean series with 16 episodes. It stars Miss A’s Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, 2PM’s Taecyeon and Wooyoung, T-ARA’s Ham Eun Jung and IU.

This is the story of youths becoming top global stars which could take place in the not-so-distant future.
You may have the looks, talent, personality and even a respectable private life, but it’s still tough to rise as a successful star. Here is a group of youths who are still up for this daring challenge.
They all have a single weakness barring them becoming the ultimate top star. The weaknesses wouldn’t be an issue or an inconvenience to an ordinary person, but they are detrimental to a pop star.
One girl sings superbly but her appearance is not the best to stand before the TV camera.
Another student has the looks and musical talent but has a distorted, prejudiced view of the world.
There are others who have amazing talent but an unsophisticated fashion sense.
Each of these students have managed to pass the exam and enter Kirin Arts High School to begin headlong the challenge of becoming a top superstar.
The characters maximize their unique talents and overcome their weaknesses.
They fall, trip and fail which only boosts their confidence.
The ridicule and scorn they are used to will one day turn into cheers and support.
The underdogs and the losers will fly up high and their story will be an inspiration to young viewers.

I love musical.. And I really enjoyed watching this one.. I came to the point of re-watching their singing parts.. Hehe. The drama became interesting to the showcases parts. I loved their performances. It was something fresh and entertaining. And you can really here if they can sing.
Obviously, the casts are from different Kpop groups.. And I’m really glad that the male lead is a true actor that can really sing.! Kim Soo Hyun.! 🙂
It’s not that I don’t like Taecyeon, but I was really happy when Hye mi ended up being with Sam dong.! Haha. I first fell inlove with Kim Soo hyun in his drama ‘Will It Snow For Christmas”.

And this is where I fell inlove with Wooyoung.. Man, I wanna bite him.! Haha. And he can act.! I love Jason.. How he acts soooo cool, how he dances, sings, being a gentleman and how he fell inlove with Pil suk.. ;D
Okay, so I love the Milky couple.! Their loveteam didn’t have this big-dramatic story or what-not. Everything that happened between them is sooo cute.! I’m a fan.!
Another thing is Pil suk’s transformation.. I love it. It kinda reminds me of 200 Pounds Beauty – though Pil suk transformes in a natural way. 🙂 Not only did she transform physically, but her outlook in life also changed a bit, and that was nice.

Okay, so I loved Ham Eun jung in Coffee House, but she’s really a bitch here.! Well, at least in the first few episodes.. I still love her, though. 😉

All in all, it’s worth-watching. Childhood friends mostly ended but together, in some stories.. But not in here – which is great.! Childhood lovers, puppy love, and all that do not always become lifelong lovers. I liked the twist – I was thinking the whole time that it’ll be Jin guk and Hye mi that would be together, Sam dong finally came out on top and won over Hye mi’s heart.! 🙂

Secret Garden is a 2010 Korean romance, comedy, fantasy, melodrama series starring Hyun Bin, Ha Ji won, Yoon Sang hyun, Kim Sa rang, Lee Philip and Yoo In na. It has 20 episodes.

The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), an arrogant and eccentric CEO who maintains the image of seeming perfection, and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a poor and humble stuntwoman whose beauty and body are the object of envy amongst top actresses. Their accidental meeting, when Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for actress Park Chae Rin, marks the beginning of a tense, bickering relationship, through which Joo Won tries to hide a growing attraction to Ra Im that both confuses and disturbs him. To complicate matters further, a strange sequence of events results in them swapping bodies. – Dramawiki

One of those dramas that I watched while it’s airing.. So I was anticipating every week just to see what’s gonna happen next. NAd just like how I feel watching Autumn’s Concerto, it was worth the wait. 🙂

This drama had everything – comedy, fantasy, drama, action and all those twists.! You can never ask for anything more, full package.! Each episode has its own way of capturing the viewers. You seriously do not want to miss a single episode, that’s how good it is because if you do miss one, you’ll surely regret it.!

The acting is daebak.! The body-swapping of Joo won and Ra im showed how versatile their actings are. I love Kim Joo won as Gil Ra im and vice-versa. Haha. I just love how the roles are reversed. 🙂 The other actors, too, did a very fantastic job.! The characters will really grow on you and will really draw your attention. One more thing I love is that they showed how good Yoon Sang hyun’s singing ability is.. I love his voice.. 🙂

Good thing it’s a happy ending.. That’s the most important matter. 🙂

All in all, it’s a highly recommended drama.! From the story to the soundtrack. And you don’t wanna miss Hyun Bin singing Keunamja, though you won’t really hear it in the drama.. Hehe. 4MEN is part of it, as well.. Yay.! So far, it’s the best drama that I’ve seen this year..
As always, it’s a sad thing that a 20-episode is really short in a great drama.. Haha. Can’t get enough.! 😉 Really worth watching.. 🙂
Wait, I know it’s weird but Lee Jong sook reminds me of Ryeowook.. Haha. 😉

Hyun Bin as Kim Joo won

Ha Ji won as Gil Ra im

Yoon Sang hyun as Choi Woo young / Oska

Kim Sa rang as Yoon Seul

The stuntwoman

The man who loves his sparkling track suits.. ;D

Secret Garden