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The Greatest Love – Topping my most fave drama for 2011 is this hilarious rom-com series which stars Cha Seung won and Kong Hyo jin.. I must say I’m a KHJ biased.. Haha. Uber biased.! (Pasta is my fave KHJ drama) The story of The Greatest Love is not that extraordinary.. Just a common romantic comedy story;  where the lead gurl is being bashed, looks pitty, love triangle and all. May be it’s just the way the actors did their part. Imagine a 6-footer serious-looking, goatee, top actor in South Korea doing a pick-a-boo..!!! What do you get? *ding dong* Dokko Jin..!!! Haha. I love Cha Seung won in City Hall and loathe him in Athena.. Here? I freakin adore him.. Reminds me of Hyukjae.. Dunno why.. There’s nothing really special in this drama – but still amazing.. Hong sisters really are geniuses, giving us dramas that we will surely love for the rest of our lives..

2. Can You Hear My Heart – I liked Hwang Jung eum in High Kick and loved her on Giant.. The plot of this drama is more of a realistic one, because they keep Kim Rae won deaf until the end and it is freakin nicely done. I would have not liked it if they made him hear all of a sudden.. Haha. I also learned how to do the sign language of ‘Joheun Saram’ song. Pretty amusing.. Watch it and you just might see Hyun Bin – not.! Haha. Well, ish.. 😉

3. Scent of A Woman – My kind of drama – where the gurl dies at the end. Yea, I would like to think that Yoon jae did really die.. Haha. Kim Sun ah lost a lot of weight!? Watch MNIKSS and When It’s At Night then compare.. My first time seeing KSA doing a ‘pity’ role.. Cuz I’m used in seeing her being a fighter.. And just like Kim Rae won, I think it’s Lee Dong wook’s come back drama after being discharged from the army.. And it’s a success, I must say.!  Although he looks haggard and slim, still handsome.. Haha.  Professor Kang.! Haha. Great to see you here..  He looks exactly the same in Hero.. A snobbish man.! ;D And oh, Junsu.. I don’t really like him, but I re-watched his cameo scene a few times.. He seems so sweet.. Hihi. ;D Plus he sang the lovely song beautifully.. ^^ I’m thinking, what if that role went to any Super Junior member: may be his best bud Hyukjae.. 😉

In random order:

CITY HUNTER – Is this really the most expensive Korean drama ever? Lee Min ho and Park Min young  used to date? Or are they still? Haha. They suit very well..  It’s one of those action dramas that I really enjoyed.. And I thought it’s going to be just like Fugitive Plan B.. Thank God it’s not. I enjoyed it very much.! A must-watch. 🙂

49 DAYS – First time that I’ve seen Bae Soo bin doing an evil role. He’s really a freakin bad guy.! Haha. It has some twists that you will surely enjoy. The only thing I didn’t see coming is the fact that they are sisters.. Really? Haha. Nasaan ang lukso ng dugo sa una pa lang? Haha. I dunno, but Lee Ye won reminds me of Park Shin hye.. 🙂

LIE TO ME – I was really engrossed watching it. I love how YEH gets into a lot of trouble and eventually fell in love.. But when I reached to the last few episodes, I kind of lost the interest in it.. I dunno why.. But I still managed to watched it until the end. I’m kind of unsatisfied, though.. Still good. 🙂

GOLDEN BRIDE – Heenim..!!! A drama from a few years bck. This is the drama that I watched ‘hem by hem’ and didn’t use the fast forward button. Every scene in  every  single episode is really worth watching.. To think that it has 60.! Song Chang ui and Lee Yeong ah is not a good pair, but they still managed to carry their roles beautifully. Our Spce Big Star, Cinderella Kim Heechul’s role is soooo him.! Haha. An easy-go-lucky, rich, party animal brat that loves gurls. Everybody has their own moments, even the secondary characters.. You will burst into tears, die with laughter, get angry and fall in love in this one.. One of the best.! 😀

WISH UPON A STAR – I love how Pal gang did her all just to give her illegitimate brothers and sisters a decent home..

PROTECT THE BOSS – Jisung is back.! Now, on a lighter role.. Watch and enjoy his craziness.. Haha. Jaejoong’s here.. Eh.

PARADISE RANCH – Another drama that is just so-so.. I just watched it because of Lee Yeon hee.. And the guy in Giant, haha. The whole drama was shot in Jeju-do. You will eventually enjoy the drama and it’s quite good. I fell in love with Changmin. Why didn’t SM gave the role to Kyuhyun? Haha. That would be freakin awesome.! Sooyoung will just popped out of the scene.

IT’S OKAY, DADDY’S DAUGHTER – Watched it because of Donghae.. Haha. Didn’t  really understand the story.. Moon Chae won was crying all the time.. :/

PRESIDENT – Watched it because of Sungmin.. Haha.! Man, this pumpkin can cry.. And Jay <Trax> can act.. Didn’t expect that I will enjoy this one.. Ming should do his own drama someday.. 🙂

ATHENA – Watched it because of Siwon.. Man.. Why am I so biased?! Haha. Out of the 3 Suju dramas, I enjoyed this more.. It’s really action packed that you will be glued to watch until the last episode. Jung Woo sung never fails to make my heart melt.. 🙂

GIANT – Another freakin looong drama that I gave my full attention to. It’s a period drama. How I wished Kim Soo hyun stayed until the very last episode. “Hyuuuuuunngg..!!!!”, said Lee Bumsoo.. 😛

MISS RIPLEY – Taken from real life, it’s dark drama that I didn’t enjoy.. I used to love Micky when he was a part of DBSK.. I like him now as an actor.. Watch the whole drama, but it didn’t really get my interest.

HEARTSTRINGS – Why is it too short?! Whhhhyyy?! They could’ve made it 16 episodes, at least.. I really enjoyed this one.. I like the chemistry between Yong Jung hwa and Park Shin hye < though I also like Jang Geunsuk and Park Shinhye loveteam >. A very light story, less music to become a real musical drama, my opinion.. But the story is worth watching.. It’s like you will crave for more. And you will be aware that there’s a member of CN Blue named Kang Min hyuk that is cute.! Haha. Sweet singing voice he has.. 🙂  He kind of looks like Kim Hye-seong. Brillliant soundtrack.. 🙂

MY PRINCESS – Song Seung hoon in a comedy role.. The last time I saw him doing that was way back in He Was Cool. Just check out my blog for the review..

DREAM HIGH – This is the real musical series.. And this is where most gurls fell in love with Kim Soo hyun.. Haha. (I fell in love with KSH when he spoke English in Will It Snow on Christmas) Sam dong-ah…!!!! His accent is a killer.! Haha.  Plus his singing voice.. Ugh. Who knows he sings that well?! It runs in the family, I guess, since his father is an 80’s rockstar.. I love that Sam Dong and Hye mi ended up together. Majority of us thought it is going to be Kuk and Hye mi, but no. Thank goodness for that. So this is where I kind of fell in love with Wooyoung.. Haha. I really liked his character.. He and IU looked good together.. Soundtrack is great, all their voice is freakin good.! It is truly enjoyable.. And I had watched it 4 times, I think.. 😀

THE PRINCESS’ MAN – Yea, I am soooooo in love with Park Shi hoo.. Haha. Another historical drama for him, the last I think is Iljimae.. And Moon Chae won, as well (Painters inthe Wind with MGY). The government in the past was really freakin cruel, eh.  Tsk. It is a common story: father of the gurl did something bad to the father of the guy, guy will revenge and he will use the gurl to accomplish that, setting aside whatever feelings he has, gurl is so willing to be used for the sake of the man he loves.. Still, worth watching.. I wanna see Moon Chae won in a rom-com series.. I always see her in gloomy roles.. Haha. Park Shi hoo looks like Hyukjae.. Always hyuk. 😛

SIGN – Didn’t expect Prof. Ji hoo to kill himself just to have the evidence.. And yep, it is freakin good.! I kind of miss Kim Ah joong acting, last time I saw her was That Fool. In here, she kind of plays a detective wanna be.. Then she was paired with a forensic doctor, played by a brilliant actor, Park Ahin Yang.. And together, they solved murder cases. It is a psycho-thriller drama that is a must watch.. No love story between the lead stars, but Jung Kyu won and Uhm Ji won filled it. 😉

THE DUO –  I’ve been reading A LOT of good reviews for this drama, but  when I watch it, I can’t see any sign that it is that good. Haha. Or am I too bored to watch it.. I dunno. It is a must-watch for me, since Han Ji hye is the lead gurl.. Or may be because it is a historical drama that it didn’t get my attention right away.. But I eventually finished it.. For me, it is good but not that good that everyone says.. Or I just didn’t pay enough attention to it.. Haha.

ROMANCE TOWN – This drama disappoints me.. It is not that good.! I thought it’ll be a hit since Song Yu ri is here. Fail. Though, thank you Alex Chu for a great song.. 🙂

DONG YI – Another loooong historical drama. It has a really good plot, but there are times that I don’t feel like watching it. I get to finish it in 3 months, I guess.. Haha. Compared to Golden Bride and Giant, this took me so long. I’m thinking this is where Bae Soo bin and Han Hyo jo developed.. Haha. Oh well, Ji Jin hee perfectly fits as the King. Seeing him a cold-hearted man in The Man Who Can’t Get Married in 2009, this kinda reminds me of that character.. Always walking with chin up high.!

SECRET GARDEN – Need I say more? 😀

MARY STAYED OUT ALL NIGHT – Moon Geun young’s acting is superb, no doubt about that. But the story is :/.. Haha. No offense to the fans. You know how much I love MGY.. May be because we expected too much since 2 of the biggest stars, Asia’s Prince Jang Geun Seuk and Korea’s Little Sister Moon Geun young, are the main leads.. It’s still good, though.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN SAENGCHORI – There came a time that I’m sooo bored that I didn’t know what drama to watch – until I came across to this.. I first saw Ha Seok jun and Lee Young eun together in the movie Summer Whisper.. I thought it’s going to be a rom-com, until I watched it further.. Never did I expect that I will so enjoyed this.! I find it really amusing. It’s freakin great.! Some twists that you won’t expect, you will not get up in your seat.! Kim Tak gu’s here.! Doing the Kim Joo won  sit-up scene.. Haha. I feel sorry for this one because it is sooo good that it didn’t get enough attention.. So underrated.. It could’ve been number one in primetime in SK.! Haha. I freakin love it..

WHITE CHRISTMAS – A short, suspense-thriller drama.. I think it’s a KBS Drama Special series thingy.. It is so short that you will crave for a few more episodes.. It is kind of predictable, but good, still.

GOD’S QUIZ –  Another short thriller series. Love the mystery file cases that they solved each time.. Episodes are seriously too short.! It’s like they rushed every episode or something.. I was like, “Huh? They knew how the person died already? They caught the killer? Already?? That fast?!” Haha. Ryu Deok Hwan reminds me of Cho Seung woo.. Soo much. And glad that they will play twins in Peach Tree..!!! Directed by Goo Hye sun.. Okay, back to GD, haha. I haven’t seen the 2nd season yet.. I’m looking forward to it.

DAEMUL – Kwon Sang woo in his cool, happy go lucky role.. Love it.! As I was watching, Ko Hyeon jung really reminds me of MGY.. I was thinking, this is how MGY will look like when she’s in her 40s.. Haha.  Though she’s not as good looking as the her.. Good drama.

I NEED ROMANCE –  I agree when they say that it’s like the Korean Sex and The City.. KJH really reminds me of  Donghae..

BABY-FACED BEAUTY – Enjoyed it.. But they kind of rushed the ending even though it has 20 episodes.. Really liking Daniel Choi.. Jang Nara looks cute..

SPY MYUNG WOL – I like Han Ye seul, but after the controversies about her, I was thinking, she’s not really a good person.. But I still like her.. Haha. Though I feel sorry for Erick because this is his comeback project after being dismissed in the army.. This will make or break his career.. The plot was good.. Though I was hoping that one of the leads will die.. Haha. Hope this drama leaves a good impression to Erick’s fans..

BAD HOUSEWIFE –  Son Chang Min reminds me of Jackie Chan and Lee Sun gyun.. Haha. Very realistic drama.. Enjoyed it.. 🙂

ENDLESS LOVE – Congrats to Pan Wei Bo for winning the Best Actor in the Golden Bell Awards.. I thought it’s going to be the Tdrama version of the Kdrama Endless Love.. Good thing it is not.. At first, I was off because of the leads (Wilber and Sandrinne). But they acted really well. I love the plot.. For me, it is a must watch.

DRUNKEN TO LOVE YOU – Spin off of Fated To Love You.. Though it didn’t made a “noise” during it’s airing, still good. Rainie looks good with the short hair.

SUNSHINE ANGEL – Wu Chuuuunnn…!!!! Love him. And oh, Rainie again.. 😉

SUNNY HAPPINESS – My most fave Taiwanese actor – Mike He. With my fave actress Janine Chang.! It’s kinda like Maid in Manhattan.. I love it.!

LOVE KEEPS GOING – Mike and Cyndi.. It’s really good.. Though some didn’t like how it ends.. Haha.

~That’s it for now.. ^^


Down With Love is a 2010 Taiwan drama with 16 episodes. Also known as Just Want to Depend on You / Stick with You. It stars Jerry Yan, Ella Chen, Michael Zhang, Kelly Huang, Chen Zi Han, Ji Xin Ling and Xiao Xiao Bin.

Shiang Yu Ping, an expert divorce and inheritance lawyer, is seen by others as cold, selfish, and ruthless. After Yu-ping’s older brother dies in a car accident he has little choice in taking in his brother’s two orphaned children, Fei and Ting. Every nanny he hires to care for them is either scared off by the mischievous children or ends up falling in love with him. Fed up, Yu Ping asks his secretary, Yang Duo, to find a nanny that meets his requirements. Having lost all their wealth when their mother passed away and being abandoned by their father after racking up heavy debts; Yang Duo can not ignore the fact that she needs the money and recommends her younger sister, Yang Guo, for the job; assuring Yu Ping that her tomboyish sister will not fall in love with him by lying that she does not like men at all. -Drama Wiki

This drama is freakin short.. It’s as if they rushed it.. Before, they said that it’ll have 28 episodes. Lo and behold – only 16 episodes.. Another sad thing about this is that it was leaked.. 😦
I really love JerElla.. I love ChunElla, but JerElla charms me more.. Yeah.. Haha. Another drama that broke my policy.. Yep, watched it as it was airing in Taiwan.. So I was like a paranoid every week, waiting for the next episode to be released and subbed..
Though it didn’t high ratings despite the fact that A-listers stars on it .
Though it’s a typical romantic-comedy drama, I still love it.. I felt this drama had everything. Loveable, complex(ish) characters. An engaging plot. A simple premise that still managed to be original.
You can’t help but start to love the main character of the show played by Ella from S.H.E. as even though not as pretty and rather boyish looking, she has the greatest soul and kindest heart anyone in any TV show ever has. Her motto is “Only by being true-spirited, only can you find true happiness.” Simple, down-to-earth and easily contented, she is everything I ever wish I can be but never can due to my intrinsic nature to worry and be responsible for everyone. This TV show gave every girl the hope that by having a good heart and soul, a guy will look beneath the exterior and love you for who you are. It is indeed an escape for a lot of gals out there and the same recipe used by Meteor Garden that shot it to fame: Hope.
I really love Jerry Yan.. Any girls want as a boyfriend not only because they are good-looking but because they are inherently good-natured, rational and caring.
And Ella.. Oh my Ella.. She really shone in this character as she looked the part and acted the part excellently. One can see her as being exactly the same in real life. She is so endearing that one can’t help but grow to love her more and more as the show progresses. Plus, she really did make the whole show a lot funnier with her antics and crazy expressions. I really like the blatant, in-your-face jokes which are characteristics of a lot of funny Taiwanese series.

The greatest lesson that this TV series gave me is: Life does not need to be full of material pleasures to feel contented. True happiness comes from within, and maybe with some help from a magic marble. 😉
And I was like waiting for the wedding scene.. Where was it? Are they gonna do it in real life? Lol.. Lastly, I LOVE XIAO XIAO BIN…!!!! ^^

Yu Ping

Yang Guo

The cast

The 'long'-much-awaited kiss.. *^^*

Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni

Tomorrow is a 2001 Taiwanese drama starring Rainie Yang, Eddie Peng, Christine Fan, Shawn Yue, and Raymond Li.

The story of Tomorrow spans over 8 years, including love and friendship. It narrates a high school sports athlete, Yuan Cheng Mei, who was injured due to a practice session in school. At that time, there was a stranger (Ou Yang Gua Ju) who saved her and therefore, that’s how this story started. –Dramawiki

Cheng Mei is very innocent here.. The struggles she encounter with Gua Ju is not worth at all.. The various breakups between them seem to say that they have no trust between them. I begin to wonder if they should really be together with such shallow feelings. Even until the end of the drama, I cannot feel the intensity of their love for each other.
I must admit, I watch this because of Eddie Peng.. Haha. I just love him.. Too bad he’s not the male lead.. Shawn Yue is not a disappointment, after all.. 😉

The entire drama seems to revolve around only the five personalities. There is no plot at all. It did not even bother to expand the story of Xing Hua’s liking for Gua Ju or the part where Song Gang is getting all confused about her feelings for Gua Ju. How can it be exciting when all viewers get to see is a couple getting together, breaking up, getting together again, then break up again.. It gets on my nerves after awhile..

Based on the Japanese manga “Asunaro Hakusho” by Saimon Fumi.


Magical Love

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Magical Love is a 2001 Taiwanese drama with 20 episodes.. It stars Ella Chen, Lan Cheng Long, Hebe Tien, Li Qian Rong and Liu Zhi Wei..

Okay, so am gonna be really honest.. This is not a good drama.. Haha. I may be a fan of S.H.E, but this series just nonsense.. Well, may be because they’re just starting or something.. The weird thing is Blue kind of reminds me of Zai Zai, but I don’t really know why.!

This drama doesn’t have a theme song, just some instrumental music.. Weird. The story is Juliet is like desperate to get Li Tao’s attention, who is sooo in love with Wen Lin.. It’s like there’s no story at all..

But I have to give credits to Ella and Hebe.. In all fairness, they did their best and to think it’s their first drama, they did a great job.. Blue is stiff the whole time.! Haha. But he’s kinda cute..
I remember my little brother saying, “Hana Kimi looks beautiful in that series..”.. He’s referring to Ella, yeah.. He calls him Hana Kimi, lol.! I must agree, Ella looks pretty in this drama.. So fresh..

All in all, the drama is good at first.. As the story progresses, it gets a little boring then you will get lost. The ending is predictable, as well.. There’s nothing special in this drama.. Watch The Rose, instead.. 😉

I wonder why Selina is not in this drama.. O_o

Magical Love

Autumn’s Concerto or Next Stop, Happiness is a 2009-2010 Taiwanese drama with 21 episodes.. It stars Van Ness Wu, Ady An, Chris Wu, Tiffany Xu and the very adorable Xiao Xiao Bin..

Ren Guang Xi, a cocky law student, seems to lead the perfect life. He’s the sole successor to a huge and famous business and a talented ice hockey player. But in reality, his lonely life lacks joy, laughter and motivation. That is until he meets Liang Mu Cheng, the new bento seller at his school canteen. Although orphaned at a young age, Mu Cheng does not let her past affect her and lives life with great passion and determination. A harmless bet brings the two together and Guang Xi slowly changes as Mu Cheng teaches him how to give and love. Tragedy strikes when Guang Xi suddenly has to go through a major brain surgery which causes him to lose his memory. His mother begs Mu Cheng to leave him and the latter has no choice but to do so. Little does she know that she already has Guang Xi’s child.
Six years pass. Mu Cheng lives a quiet life with her young son in the countryside while Guang Xi is now a successful lawyer and is engaged to He Yi Qian, the kind and beautiful doctor who took care of him after his surgery. A strangely familiar piano piece stirs Guang Xi’s heart as he struggles to recall his past romance with Mu Cheng. How will the couple make up for six years of lost time? Happiness, which stop do I alight at? –DramaWiki

So, this is the drama that broke my policy – to not watch a drama that is currently airing.. Though I didn’t really watch the first episode at the time it was aired.. I prolonged it, for like, 3 episodes.. Haha.

After The Outsiders, I’ve seen Ady An again.. Cuz I think she’s been busy with the Mainland dramas and films..
It’s a good thing she was paired with Vanness.. They looked good together..

Then there’s Xiao Xiao Bin.. I really adore this kid.. I wanna eat him alive.. Piece by piece.. Haha.. ;p

This is one of those dramas that I will remember for a very long time.. It’s a record-breaking rating thingy in Taiwan.. Obviously, it really made a noise when it was airing.. Mainly because of Xiao Xiao Bin? Haha. That kid is seriously adorable.. And he can act.!! And yep, the story is flawless.. I must admit, it’s one of the best Tdramas ever made, of course, it’s been adapted from a novel.. But then again, the drama version is simply amazing..

Hi My Sweetheart also known as Play Boy and Sweetheart / Shanghai Sweetheart is a 2009-2010 romantic-comedy series with Show Luo, Rainie Yang, Lee Wei and Maggie Wu. It has 14 episodes.

Xue Hai <Show Luo> was a certifiable dork when he first arrived in Hangzhou. After his schoolmate Bao Zhu <Rainie Yang> saved him from bullying, she became his first love. Then, a misunderstanding caused them to lose contact when she moved back to Taiwan. He thought she dumped him. So he transformed himself from a dork to a hunk in order to seek revenge. –DramaWiki

A dork turning into a hottie is always been interesting story.. Haha. I loved how the innocent Da Lang would always be so friendly to Bao Chu and how she slowly started to become nicer and nicer. I also liked their Pink Panther dance- it was really funny. Yes, indeed, weird things are funny. I really liked it when Xue Hai (sorry for continually changing names) was always so nice and kind to everyone; his outer appearance didn’t matter anymore because his inner character makes up for it. Later, when Bao Chu “leaves” Xue Hai, he decides to completely transform into a handsome man that everyone wants to date. And indeed he did become so much better looking.

I like the two main idols together, would like to see them together again in more dramas.. The chemistry is there, they can work well with each other and get the acting just right with no sense of forced acting or too over the top. Even with a cliche and corny drama, their emotions were realistic. The storyline may have been a tad bit random and dragged over episode 12 to 13, it still was a good drama all in all.

Thumbs-up for the soundtrack. 🙂

Xue Hai and Bao Zhu

Xue Hai and Mo Li

Yan Feng and Bao Zhu

Jumpshot.! Haha. 🙂

Lee Wei, Maggie Wu, Rainie Yang and Show Luo

Happy ending.. Yay.! ^_^

Ke ai..

Hi My Sweetheart

Tong Yi Ge Yi Han – Pan Wei Bo and Jia JIa Song

Same Regret – Wilber Pan & BlueJ

Sheng xia wo men zuo zai an bian
We’re left sitting on the shore

Kan zhe ta yue zou yue yuan
Watching her walk farther and farther away

Bai se xing xing ying zhe hai mian
The white stars face the sea

Sha tan hao yuan
The beach is so far off

Er ta de xin qu le na li
And where has her heart gone?

Wo men dou wu neng wei li Both of us are powerless
Shi shui de shou neng qian ta hui lai Whose hand can take her back?

*Does she knows
Don’t think so

Ai shang le tong yi ge yi han
We’ve fallen in love with the same regret

Huang ran ming bai na shi hou
I suddenly understand why, at that time

Wei he yao dui bi ci wei nan
Things were so awkward between us

**Tell me she knows
I don’t think so

Wo men dou bu shu yu ta de ai
None of us can be her love

Bu neng chong lai de shang hai
Those wounds won’t return again

Wo men dou xue hui le shi huai
We’ve both learned to let go of them

Liang ge peng you yi ge zui ai
Two friends, one beloved

Bu ke neng you de wei lai
An impossible future

Zhi shi jie ju que rang wo men ru ci yi wai
It’s just that the ending was so unexpected to us

Ta de jue ding zhong yu tai man
Her decision was finally too slow

Kan na wei xiao de an pai
Looking to a smile to arrange everything

Ni guai shui de cuo shui de cuo
Whose mistakes, whose mistakes do you blame?

Wo men dou wo men dou shi bai
We’ve both, we’ve both failed

Er wo men xue hui le shi huai
And we’ve learned to let go

MIss No Good